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Secret Santa

Voodoo Troops MC book 8


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~Slow Burn

~Second Chances

~Mistaken Identity

~Love triangle

Loyal Voodoo Troops MC brother, Wyatt “Brew” Kincaid has always held the club as his utmost priority. Even when forced to send away the only woman he has ever loved, cutting all ties. Now, he’s determined to bring her home at all costs. Only when he finds her, things are not as expected.

Baylee Jo Hart loved the life she led with her high school sweetheart until the day she was forced from it. She moved away to start over, searching for something to fuel her dreams again. Now, Santa has stepped into her life, demanding to dominate her time and fulfil her desires.

But when Santa is not who he is believed to be, decisions must be made.

Where will Brew stand?

And where will Baylee’s future lie?

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