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September 2020


September 2020, Mr. B and I hit the road for ten days. 

Great weather and beautiful scenery filled most days. The one day that we stayed  in due to rain was no less enjoyable. 

Through the nine states we traveled, there were so many amazing things to see. I love nature. The land. The animals. The sounds and smell you experience while on the bike. It's a feeling like no other.

Of course, we rode the Tail of the Dragon along with the Cherohala Skyway, and the Blueridge Parkway. The view from the overlook at Cumberland Gap was breathtaking. 


We happened upon the most delicious BBQ place in Alabama. It's nothing more than a hole in the wall we discovered by accident. A definite must stop when we pass through again. 

The rental house was a dream also. Nestled near the top of a mountain, clouds covered the valley much of the time. At night flickering lights dotted the darkness below. 

A truly wonderful week!

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