Brick Solid

Jethro "Brick" Jackson has made a name for himself as the Voodoo Troops Sergeant at Arms. He is solid and unforgiving. A force. He learned at a young age to trust no one. Especially women. He has no use for them and has no problem using them for a profit. That is until the face that haunts his dreams is brought to the clubhouse to be auctioned.


Nealy Ann Kinman left the city to flee a demanding and unfulfilling life. Strong willed and confident, she likes being in charge of her own life. Only now she has lost control and finds herself in a dangerous situation.

Will Brick break the rules to save her?
If he saves her will he be able to let her go?

Brick Solid Christmas

Ever wonder what happens when an outlaw biker secretly wants something special for Christmas?


Join Nealy and Brick as they celebrate their first Christmas together.

King Loyal

Zander "King" Rune runs his club with a firm hand. The brotherhood is loyal and businesses are profitable. Life should be good for the president of the Voodoo Troops MC, however it's far from happy. He holds secrets and anger that weighs heavy on his heart preventing personal happiness.

Avery Joy James walked out of his life three years earlier with no explanation. She broke her heart along with his, but the secret she held gave her no choice. Now she's back and in danger, but she's not alone.

Can they forgive past secrets and stand together to fight an unknown threat?
Or does betrayal run too deep?

Rash Awakening

Russell “Rash” Grey hungered for the adrenaline rush. He was the club’s wild card. A daredevil. Until a devastating accident left him scarred and damaged, changing his life forever. Now, he hides from everyone outside of the club.

London Gry Lange has danced stages worldwide. As a prima ballerina, she is accustomed to the finest accommodations money can buy. Now, she finds herself in the Voodoo Troops MC clubhouse fighting for her life.

Can they survive the scars they carry?
Or, will their hearts open to help each other heal?

Nova Redemption

Colin “Nova” Adams has an amorous reputation as vice president of the Voodoo Troops MC. He loves women and loves to please them. A Casanova. Until lately. Now he only feels desire for one, and she’s off limits.

Ruby Sue Jones has worked her way through life any way she can. Now she has a steady job and home. Life is good. The very MC that profited from her at one time has taught her that life offers more. Until she runs from them.

Do the rules change when the game changes?
Or, is love worth risking everything they know?

More of You

Molly Monroe retreated to the mountains of Arkansas where she now hides from society.

Winston Hawke is a very successful businessman who uses his Louisiana corporation to hide from himself.

One chance meeting.
One outrageous misunderstanding.

Leaves them both wanting more.

More of life. More of themselves. More of each other.

Carving Stone

What would you do if the morning after your wedding you woke  up next to a sexy as hell biker instead of your husband? That’s exactly what happens to Jacqueline Emery, when she awakes to find the president of the Silent Chains Motorcycle Club in her bed.

Jaqueline has lived her life in a box, never attempting to push boundaries. But meeting the president of the local MC changes everything for her. It is only one assignment. One human interest story. One secret she never realized will change her life forever.

Liam “Stone” Mason’s life revolves around his club, Silent Chains. For as long as he can remember it has consumed his life. Nothing nor no one has been able to distract him, though many have tried.

Then one call changes everything. One simple mission. Get in. Get the Girl. Get out. Then send her packing. He owes her that much. But rescuing the local newspaper reporter will cost more than he bargains for, and letting her go might break him.

Ghost Knight

Kohl “Ghost” Knighten owns the shadows. A master of recon, he works alone. No one questions why he disappears for days at a time, until he returns with a woman bound and gagged and locks her in his room.

Maeve Lynn Kelly grew up around the Voodoo Troops clubhouse. She dreamed of the day she would turn eighteen, and planned to crash a club party. That was until she was banned at the age of sixteen. Now, ten years later, she finds herself a prisoner in their clubhouse.

As secrets come to light threatening the futures of both Maeve and Ghost, will the club accept them? Or was their fate sealed a decade ago?


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