A Prospect Year

  • Copyright by Jewelz Baxter 2022

  • Understand this is a sneak peek and only contains the first chapter.

Chapter 1


Month 1



Tim stood in the center of the small room above Mac’s Garage. Mac had generously offered him the space, free of charge, shortly after returning to town. The only condition was that he work in the garage. So, Mac hired him, patiently teaching him the trade while paying good money and giving him a place to call home. Didn’t make sense to him why this man that he had only met once before would be so generous. No, not generous. Demanding. Controlling. Maybe nurturing. Mac had been very patient with him as he learned, at times even proud. In an odd way, Mac had become his best friend.

Come to think of it, nothing of the past two and a half years made much sense at all. But he had made a promise to his mother, and he was bound to see it through.

“Move back to my hometown,” she had told him. “Go with only one aim and no expectations other than seeing where life takes you.” When he asked her for clarification of her meaning, she only replied with another demand. “Go to the place that holds the most pain and start there. You need to cleanse the guilt of ignorance before you can proceed to build a future of trust and loyalty.”

She made no sense either. But when she passed, and Tim found himself alone with no ties to where he was, he tossed his few possessions into the back of his Jeep and hit the road. With her words echoing in the back of his mind, he drove straight to the little town in Louisiana he had visited once before and, after securing a hotel, he discovered himself sitting in front of the Voodoo Troops MC clubhouse.

That had been over two years ago. Today, he stood with all of his belongings, which were still few, packed once again and ready for a new home. At least for a short amount of time. Scanning the space, he grinned when his sight fell on the only thing left to grab—his cut. The day before, he had become a prospect. Something he had never considered even possible. But he had done it, and it felt good. When he had been summoned into church, entering the Troops meeting room for the first time was a rush. Adrenaline had shot through him, filling him with anticipation of what was to come. He was given the speech that he was sure all prospects received and was presented with a cut and his road name, Lola. And his first order—move from the garage to Angel Haven.

Angel Haven, he had come to learn over his time here, was the pet project of Rash’s old lady, London, to give back to the community. It was a home for women to stay while making changes in their lives and beginning anew. Whatever the reason was, didn’t matter to her. What mattered was the fact that they desired to better themselves with confidence and needed a push in the right direction. Whether they were running from abuse, like she had, or failed marriages, or just had the desire to find the strength they needed to go on, Angel Haven catered to each woman’s needs.

London would be having surgery soon. Her feet were mangled from a history that Lola was not fully aware of, and she would not be able to be there for a while. Ghost and his old lady, Maeve, had been living there as they built a home of their own that they would now be moving into. It would be his job now to keep an eye on things. With the property having sate of the art security, he was unclear as to why anyone needed to stay there twenty-four seven. But he did as instructed and packed his things.

He lifted the leather vest from the back of the chair and slid it up his arms. Pulling the door closed, he turned and jogged down the stairs two at a time.

“Look a here,” Dutch said, stopping him as he crossed the open garage, aiming for his bike. “I heard it happened. Let me get a look.”

He grinned and turned his back to the old man, putting the “prospect” rocker on his back into view. He spun back, facing the man who had helped him learn the underneath of a car hood better that he though was possible.

The man shook his head with a low chuckle. “It’s a hard road to hold. But Mac would’ve never sponsored you if you didn’t have it in you.”

Nothing they can dish out will be tougher than our first meeting. That fact rolled around his mind as he gripped Dutch’s hand and turned toward his bike.



Passing through large iron gates, Lola followed the long drive, pulling to a stop in front of the elaborate dwelling now dubbed Angel Haven. Ahead of him, a shapely brunette stepped from a silver Nissan. Pushing his kickstand to the ground and grabbing the bag from the back of his bike, his eyes never strayed from her as she walked to the front door. He followed not far behind, but when he entered, she was nowhere in sight.

“Welcome to your new home.”

Lola jerked his head toward Ghost’s voice and grinned. “Looks like an interesting place to be.”

“No dallying with the women. There’re only two here now, but that can change any day. Amber,” Ghost paused, nodding to the second floor, “arrived yesterday. That’s who you saw come in. Mia has been here for several months now. You won’t see much of her. She keeps to herself.”

“Please check on her though.” He leaned, searching behind Ghost for Maeve as she continued to give instructions. “You’ll never know she’s here if you don’t stop by her room and check on her. There’s something wrong with the light switch next to the stove, and I need help.”

Ghost dropped his head, cocking it toward his wife. “Did you just forget how to maneuver the stairs?” He laughed at seeing her sitting sideways on a step, her back against the wall, her hands framing her round belly.

“I’m already front heavy, having to lean back to keep from rolling down these things, and I got tired. Now, I can’t get up.”

Ghost barked a laugh. “Good. I’ll know where to find you when I’m done here.” Turning his attention back to Lola, he continued. “You’ve been here. Dining room. Library. Kid’s room. Kitchen. And the office is in here.”

Ghost led him through a door on his right, next to the foot of the staircase. “Anything you may need, you can find here. The women will be dropping in and out. Nothing really for you to do. Rash requested your stay here to appease London, so she’ll relax and concentrate on healing. Now, come on, I’ll show you which rooms are open.”

As they maneuvered past Maeve still on the stairs, she reached up, slapping Ghost’s ass. “Just reminding you where I am.”

He laughed and continued on with Lola. “This is Mia’s room. The room on either side is empty. The one over there,” he said, pointing across the open floor. “Is where Amber chose. Said she wanted a view of the drive. Down this hallway are two more bedrooms, larger and empty. Top floor is all recreational. That’s it.” He turned back toward Lola.

Lola gave a nod and opened the door they stood next to, tossing his bag onto the floor. “I got it. New home with moody roommates that I won’t know are here. Sounds good.”

Ghost chuckled, slapping Lola on the back as they turned back toward the stairs.

“Kohl!” Maeve called out. “I need to move. Your kid is dancing on my bladder.”

“He’s just letting you know where he is.”

“Uh huh,” she brushed off his comment as usual.

Lola stopped a couple of steps above Maeve, and Ghost hopped over her, stopping to stand on the step below her. Crossing his arms, Ghost looked down, shaking his head. “How bad you want up?” He raised his brows, waiting for her an answer.

Maeve squinted her eyes. “You’ll be mopping up a river if you don’t get me up from here.”

“Are you telling me you’re not potty trained?” Ghost appeared serious and agitated, although Lola knew he wasn’t. He loved getting his old lady riled. She was sassy and defiant to any outsider. But Lola had learned that she was only playing into his hand.

“Get me up,” Maeve yelled, struggling to pull herself to her feet.

Finally, Ghost pulled her to stand. “Come on. I believe the kids have a potty chair here, if you think you’re tall enough to reach it.”

Maeve said nothing as she hurried past Ghost, but then she glanced back, sticking out her tongue when she was out of reach.

Ghost shook his head again and turned back toward Lola. “It’ll be all yours as soon as she waddles back out here.”

Minutes later, the petite redhead returned, moving slowly.

“Let’s go, Lil Bit,” Ghost said.

“I gotta tell the girls bye,” she told him.

“No, you don’t. I’m ready to go home.”

She rolled her eyes at him and yelled toward the second floor. “Yo, Amber!”

Within seconds, Amber leaned over the balcony. “Don’t you abandon me after convincing me to try making this change.”

Maeve laughed. “Girl, you got this. You have all the support you need. And you have my number for a pep talk anytime. But I got this.” She laughed, rubbing her belly like a crystal ball. “So, I’ll be at home waiting for him to arrive.”

“You got this, too, little momma,” Amber called back.

“Mia,” Maeve then called, only to look toward the stairs where she was already coming toward her. She smiled and met Maeve at the bottom step, taking both hands in hers. “I’m only a call away. The computer in the office is set up for video calls. Don’t hesitate to go in there and call me. Or any of us. You hear?”

Mia nodded and dropped Maeve’s hands. Gently, she placed her palms on the roundness of Maeve’s stomach. Maeve smiled, hoping Mia would feel the movement. “Yes, we’ll take care of ourselves. And I’ll bring him to see you.” She threw her arms around Mia’s neck, then stepped back at the sound of Ghost’s voice.

“Woman, you’re not leaving the country. You’re moving ten miles away. Let’s go.”

With a huff, she walked to the bench near the door and dropped onto it. “I’m good right here for a bit.”

“The hell you are.” He stormed the few steps to reach her. “Your ass is getting in the car.” He scooped her up and spun all in one movement. Lola pulled open the door, holding it until Ghost passed through. The mischievous smile Maeve gave over his shoulder brought a laugh to him as he closed the door. Turning, Lola headed to the kitchen, where he had seen Mia disappear into.

“I’m Lola. You must be Mia.”

She only nodded.

“She doesn’t talk,” Amber informed him as she strolled through the door. “No offense, honey. Just helping you out.”

Mia smiled, nodding her understanding.

“Where I come from, the girls help each other out. Well, except the old ladies. They could be downright mean,” Amber explained to Mia.

Lola cocked his head, leaning his back against the double stainless-steel sink. “Where are you from?”

“Don’t go getting ideas. I see your colors, and I’m not one of your club girls. Ace assured me I was not beholden to anyone anymore.”

“That’s obvious. We don’t have club girls. And I wouldn’t touch one if we did,” Lola told her.

“Why?” she snapped. “Not good enough for you?”

“I’ve dealt with a variety of that shit where I came from. They hop from dick to dick, then sucker you in with lies, hoping for a ring. When that falls through, they screw you again, leaving you nothing.”

“I’m not like that. But don’t you worry about me. Any man on two wheels is the last person I’d trust.”

“Then we understand each other,” he said with a glare.

“Yes, we do,” Amber agreed with a huff.

Mia stood rooted to her spot in the kitchen with her eyes darting back and forth between the bickering.

“She always this cheerful?” he asked Mia, tilting his head toward Amber.

Mia’s eyes widened as she lifted both shoulders, causing the scarf wrapped around her neck to bunch together.

Odd, he thought as he studied the woman for the first time. Although the scarf was a thin, almost sheer material, he wondered why she wore it, as warm as it was. She was beautiful. Stunning even. The ends of her dark hair flipped outward slightly as it lay against the thin material hiding her throat. A throat he caught himself desiring to get a glimpse of. No doubt, it was slim and sexy with just the slightest curve, like the rest of her.

“Hey,” Amber’s sharp tone pulled him from his thoughts, “I’m right here if you have a question. And for your information, I’m as happy and cheerful as you’ll ever see.” Her long waves bounced as she gave a quick nod and whirled away.

Holding in a laugh, he couldn’t hide his grin as he watched her leave. She was a bit shorter than Mia but not by much. And her ass was slightly wider, he noted, hypnotized by the exaggerated sway of her hips as she stormed out of sight.

This was definitely going to be an interesting stay. Two tempting women who apparently would not be talking to him. On the other hand, he decided, that could be a blessing in disguise. He, in no way, needed the distraction of a woman, not that he desired a serious relationship at all.

*** This is the end of chapter one. If you would like to follow Lola throughout his prospecting, watch for A Prospect Year in the Anthology Twisted Steel releasing on April 12th.

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